A platform for creating and nurturing supportive relationships

Today, people are craving connection more than ever, while distrust is rising both on and offline.

Our mission is to connect all the trustworthy people of the world.

Someone always has your back.

Introducing ...


Building a global decentralized fractalized network of people you can trust.

Supporting local leaders to create experiences that nourish these members and their relationships.

Members share a few key values

Trust is our lifeblood

Group cohesion is maintained through local community members statements of trust for continued membership. We support a delicate balance of connection while honoring sovereignty of personal beliefs.

Member-only events include

Authentic Relating

The practice of connecting with vulnerability strengthens the relationships between members

Social gatherings

Monthly gatherings where we have fun and meet each other

Educational workshops

Gain a wide variety of skills, from communication and business

More we can't share here

Members host their own events

We ❤️ our members


We do whatever we can to make you feel at home.


Never feel left out at any gathering. We facilitate connections for business, fun, and love.

More trust, more access

As you gain trust within the collective, you gain access to events which require a more closed container.

Spread the love

Build autonomous sub-communities at multiple levels.

Low membership fees to maintain the platform.

Events priced to break even.

Launching in Austin in 2024.

Accepting partners to expand throughout Texas / USA / Global soon.